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Developing Small Biz

Take a leap of faith and let us help develop and grow your business with smart formation and design.  Our business plans and website designs will surely make your business stand out amongst the best.

Grow Your Business with Proven Expertise from Our CEO.

Yulonda T. Griffin, PhD, known as Dr. G is the motivated  BUSINESS/FINANCE CONSULTANT, SPEAKER, and TEACHER.  She is the CEO of LIV Consultants, a company committed to helping individuals and small business owners grow and protect their investments. Dr. G has 40+years of business experience and encompasses the designations of Certified Business, Finance and Credit Coach, Real-estate and Mortgage specialist.  She encompasses loan origination knowledge providing her clients with a keen eye in financial and credit analytics.   She also trades the Forex and stock markets.  Dr. G holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services with a specialization in Management of Nonprofit Agencies from Capella University and an MBA in Global Management. 

Dr. G is on a mission to help consumers raise their credit scores and create a diversified financial portfolio. In the latest edition of her books “Step-by-Step Credit Repair: Do It Yourself,” and "Business Credit ABCs", she shares the “how-to secrets” essential to become knowledgeable about personal and business credit enabling you to repair your credit, increase your scores and avoid predatory lenders. Dr. G is also the author of the best-sellers “Using World Systems through the Word of God” and “P3 –Plan, Prepare, Protect.” Her passion is empowering consumers by teaching them to plan for the best, prepare for the worst, protect personal assets, and create multiple streams of income. Always be ready to shift! --that's her motto!


Dr. G is described as the innovative motivated Business, Finance, and Credit Coach who can transform the self-employed into a successful small business.  If you want to learn business and financial strategies that are guaranteed to keep you ahead of the curve, proactively identifying and moving with the trends, if you are ready to identify and actively flow in multiple streams of income, if you are ready for a shift, transformation and transition then Dr. G is the Coach for you. Call Dr. G today @ 800 705 6840.



800 705 6840


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