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The Full Story

Dr. G is a small business consultant and digital lover.  When NFTs came on the scene of digital monetizing, she immediately jumped into the water.  Her story of NFTs reflects upon bible stories relating to the return of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Each NFT will mimic a bible story relating to the Jesus Christ returning to earth to save the world and His followers as well as destroying evildoers.

Looking for the Return is the theme photo of Dr. G's Kingdom collection.  The Return tells the story of the day of rapture, whereby the whole world will be in dismay and amazement when people will be lifted to the sky while others are staying on the ground. 


Dr. G's art is created using many other photos embedded through the use of computer technology and artifacts crossing over from one to another.  Dr. G is just getting started in the NFT world with many more to come.  Enjoy this new artist's creations of her gifts.  All art is available on Opensea. 

Looking for the Return.png
Looking for the Return1.png
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