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I'm an energetic woman who loves doing business and finance.  I also love to engage in digital ventures that provide creative opportunities.

My newest venture is my Kingdom Collection of Digital NFT Art. Check it out here.

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My Story

Dr. Yulonda T. Griffin is a motivated  BUSINESS/FINANCE CONSULTANT, SPEAKER, PREACHER, and TEACHER..  She loves teaching the bible with eschatological emphasis, as she is a Watchman.  Formerly known as "The Money Coach", and now is the CEO of LIV Consultants, a financial company committed to helping individuals and small business owners grow and protect their money and business. She has 40+years of business experience and encompasses the designations of Certified Business, Finance and Credit Coach, Real-estate and Mortgage Consultant.  Better known as "Dr. G", she is a former loan originator and a real estate guru as an investor and consultant, bringing over twenty years of experience.   She also trades the Forex and stock markets.  Dr. G holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services with a specialization in Management of Nonprofit Agencies from Capella University and an MBA in Global Management. 

Dr. G is on a mission to help consumers raise their credit scores and create a diversified financial portfolio. In the latest edition of her books “Step-by-Step Credit Repair: Do It Yourself,” and "Business Credit ABCs", she shares the “how-to secrets” essential to knowledge about finance, credit, and digital currency.

She is ordained, licensed, the called, and the elect to preach and teach the gospel of the good news of the return of the coming of Yeshua the Messiah.  Dr. G is the founder of Beit El 'The Place Where God LIV", an online bible study of believers digging into the word of God.  She teaches a weekly bible study on Wednesdays at 6 pm and Torah Parasha on Saturdays at 12-noon central standard time.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

800 705 6840

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