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Crypto Investing

According to Nerdwallet, "cryptocurrency (or “crypto”) is a digital asset that can circulate without the need for a central monetary authority such as a government or bank". Cryptocurrency allows consumers to buy, sell, swap, loan money to each other and merchants. We don't believe in reinventing the wheel, so we recommend you click the learn more button to learn Nerdwallet's explanation of Cryptocurrency.

Our Current Cryptocurrency Investments

Now that you have learned what Cryptocurrency is all about, we want to share some of our lucrative crypto investing opportunities.  One thing we want you to always remember, Cryptocurrency while lucrative is very volatile, meaning it moves much faster than the stock market and the Forex market. 

Cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, and thousands of others are investments that yield increases based on volatility of other investors.  Investing in cryptocurrency is not a bank, and funds are not protected by the FDIC.

Dr. G starts every cryptocurrency investment with the minimum requirements until results can be proved within a 90 days time span.  Each investor must enter any type of investment at his or her risk.  Please see our disclaimer.


Keep the common investor's rules in mind:

1. "don't invest money you cannot afford to lose".

2. Cryptocurrency is very volatile; while investment earnings are highly increased so are the losses.

3. Investing is taking a chance because no one really knows what the market will bring day to day.

4. Use wisdom, and start with the minimum amount required to open an investment account. After 90 days of results, decide to move forward or get out.

5.  Some short-term investments may require a six-month term before withdrawals are approved.


The Hyperverse Crypto ecosystem offers a decentralized financial infrastructure for digital currency users. The project is based on time travel that comes from the Metaverse effort. It is reported that investors of the project can explore the cosmos within its metaverse. They can also create things and sell them.  The system uses its own coin called the Hyper United or HU, which is connected to a stablecoin like the United States Dollar Tether or USDT.  Stablecoins are usually connected to a fiat dollar that does not change in value, such as the US Dollar.  Stable coins are also connected to hard assets.  Note: Hyperverse does provide multi level marking (MLM) opportunities to investors.  To learn more about Hypverse watch our youtube channel.  Click here to join the Hyperverse Community.


YieldNodes is a complex, multi-tiered Node rental program based on the new blockchain-based economy. Revenue is generated through a combination of master-noding, price gains, and services that work in unison to leverage each other in their own ecosystem. Since its inception, YieldNodes has not only grown considerably but has also encompassed other areas to stabilize and leverage revenue. These include its own listed crypto coin, its own decentralized exchange, and a crypto-denominated shopping area. Further services, cooperations, and business cases are in progress.

YeildNodes started as a side project in 2018, and then YieldNodes entered an extensive beta phase with a group of hand-picked early adopters at the end of October 2019. Thereafter, over the 33 months of  (beta-testing and live operation), YieldNodes generated a return of 327.3% for those participants – despite the Corona crisis.  YieldNodes yields an increase every 30 days.  The results vary from month to month. Businesses can invest in YieldNodes, which provides a greater tax advantage. Note: Yieldnodes provide multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. For more information about YieldNodes click here.  To join and invest click here.

Visit our investing page frequently for updates.
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