Small Biz Tools

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Use these small biz tools to operate as an efficient business machine with excellent customer service at a very moderate price.

NAV provide small business owners the opportunity to monitor business and personal credit under one account for one small fee, or free personal credit monitoring.  Free Trial for 30 days

WIX provide small business owners the opportunity to create a free website and/or upgrade to a professional website without ads.  Free 

eVOICE provide small business owners the opportunity to create a business phone line with up to 6 extensions. An automated answering service with message taking and call forwarding.  Efficient and affordable answering service. Free Trial for 30 Days

GET RESPONSE provide small business owners the opportunity to create professional newsletters, surveys, landing pages and more.  Great marketing tool.  Free Trial for 30 Days

Use Code LIV

SOLUTIONSbyMOBILE provide small business owners the opportunity to receive donations' and products' sales through text messaging. Funds are deposited directly into business account.

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Disclaimer:  Dr. Yulonda Thornton Griffin. Ph.D., “Dr. G., The Money Coach” is not a financial analyst, nor a stock broker.  She is a financial literacy coach.  Dr. G. teaches economic global history, financial systems, and presents traditional and alternative strategies based on formal education and personal experience.  Dr. G.  nor  her affiliates makes no promises to anyone; whether readers of her books, listeners of her tapes, CDs, videos, tv and radio shows, or viewers of her website and or social media outlets that implementation of her strategies will result in realizing financial earnings and gains, or prevention of loss of financial earnings or gains.  Please note that the content within the materials created by Dr. G. are exclusively for informational purposes.